Kanji ローズ
Romaji Rōzu
Character Info
Species Human
Gender Female
Color Various shades of Purple
Weapon Wand or Fan

Rose is a Player Character of Otocadoll. Her favorite brand is Desert Rose and she normally uses a hand fan as a weapon.

She was introduced in the June 1st, 2015 update, alongside Waste and Luxuria.



Rose has a pale complexion with slanted violet eyes and wavy lavender hair. Her long bangs frame the left of her face with smaller bangs on the opposite side, with her hair pulled up into a thick ponytail on the right.

Her casual outfit in game is a purple blouse with a black skirt and heels. Her skirt has a gradient effect on it, while Sexy is written in black on her chest.


An elegant and cool beauty with sophistication and grace to match her sexy, slightly grown-up style. She loves beauty products and collects makeup and nail polish.


Significant CoordsEdit

  • Deep Rose Coord - The first coord given by Luciko (minus the shoes and accessories) to Rose if she is selected as the player character. This is also her casual outfit.



Rose is the name of a certain kind of flower. In the language of flowers, the lavender rose means enchantment.


  • Rose is similar to Ran Shibuki from Aikatsu!
    • Their theme color is purple.
    • Roses, the color gold, and Diamonds are a common theme for both of their brand coords.
    • Various details in their original/main coords (Deep Rose Coord and the Purple Stage Coord) match.
    • They're both sexy-type characters. Rose has that personality, while Ran has this as her idol-type.
    • Their general personalities share a few traits.
    • They both have purple eyes.
  • In the game, her Hime Mode's special deals damage to her opponent/s.
    • She shares this trait with Ai and Coco.
  • Rose is Luxuria's rival, although it is only one-sided on Luxuria's end.
  • In the official calendar image from June 2017, Rose wears the Vanity Flower Coord.