Purple Rose Coord
Coord Info
Brand Desert Rose
Game Debut Prologue: Phase 3

The Purple Rose Coord is a Coord from the brand Desert Rose. It was released in Prologue: Phase 3. It is Similar to the Pink Rose Coord and the Deep Rose Coord



Purple Rose TopsEdit

A purple corset with floral pattern and lining of grey. A pink ribbon is sewn to the top of the chest. Comes with purple opera gloves with ruffled cuff attached to a thin grey band, along with a collar lined with grey.

Purple Rose SkirtEdit

A purple semi-pleat with light purple floral design. A thick lining of silver is around the bottom to match the material sewn at the waist. A violet pleat petticoat rests beneath the skirt.

Purple Rose PumpsEdit

Violet pumps with material covering the heel, held together with thin straps. Comes with purple stockings with a pattern of violet diamonds on the side of the leg. A lace garter strap attaches from the top.

Purple Rose HatEdit

A violet top hat with a white ribbon wrapped around the middle to match the lightly lilac tint butterfly sewn to the top corner. A purple glass rose with a leaf rests on the band.

Purple Rose EarringsEdit

Violet glass roses with melon-colored leaf attached to them. Pearls are attached to various spots to match the pearl studs they hang from.



Official ArtEdit

Arcade GameEdit