Pastel Ribbon Coord
Coord Info
Brand Candy Toxic
Game Debut Prologue: Phase 2

The Pastel Ribbon Coord is from Candy Toxic. It and the Rockin' Ribbon Coord resemble the Colorful Ribbon Coord. It was released in Prologue: Phase 2.




Pastel Ribbon TopEdit

A pale yellow blouse with blue lining on the white collar. The sleeves are sky blue with a thick white band, accented by two ice-colored rings. A small pink cloth sticks out from the top of the chest, while four blue bows are sewn to the torso, each with a special button, either a gold medallion, a gold heart, or a white spherical button. Comes with a violet, lilac, blue, and sky blue bead bracelet and a single blue finger-less glove.

Pastel Patchwork MiniEdit

A three layer tutu with a raspberry waistband. The top skirt is white with an alternating pattern design every other section. The second skirt is pink with the same pattern from the top but with a piece of sky blue cloth with a pattern of peach flowers. The last skirt is dull white.

Pastel Rubber SoleEdit

White shoes with a sky blue platform sole and strings, tied into a ribbon. Comes with loose pale blue socks.

Lovely Pastel RibbonEdit

A sky blue ribbon with a yellow flower ornament.

Pastel EarringsEdit

Lightning bolt shaped earrings, one is sky blue with thin white diagonal stripes, the other is red with white dots.



Official ArtEdit

Arcade GameEdit

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