Kanji ナルル
Romaji Naruru
Character Info
Species Nymph
Gender Female
Color Pale green
Weapon Mirror

Naruru is the Rival characters in Otocadoll. Her theme color is pale green and she is a nymph protecting a Spring.

She was introduced in 1st Dream: Phase 1.



Naruru is a nymph with a fair complexion and slanted eyes of green. She has thick, golden hair that is perfectly brushed with a slight curl on end. Her thick bangs are braided to the left, held with several flowers to match her jewelry.


Naruru is extremely vain. She believes herself to be the cutest and most gorgeous and has no problem saying this. She believes any attention is from someone lusting after her, and likes to tease others by bringing it up.

Stage EntranceEdit

A golden beam shines on the water surface and Naruru appears. She gracefully poses with doves flying around her, only to be shown gazing at herself in a golden mirror. She then brushes a bit of hair from her eyes as the doves float down to her.


  • Aqua - Naruru waves her mirror and summons a ball of water magic and fires it at the target
  • Hime+ - Naruru looks at a reflection of herself and admires her beauty, summoning stars that makes the chance to activate Hime Mode faster.

Vanity Sunlight/Vanity ReflectionEdit

In a soft scenery, Naruru raises her wand to release beams of light. From the water, several full-body mirrors of gold surround the target and each pose with the mirrors in her hand to release a beam of light.


Significant CoordsEdit


  • "I must be cute, because you're looking at me wa~y too~ mu~ch!"
  • “Mirror, mirror, who is the most fairest one of all? Na-ru-ru.”


  • Naruru speaks in third person.
  • She represents the sin of Vanity, one of the original Deadly Sins before it eventually merged with Pride.
  • Naruru is almost constantly looking at her mirror, even when she takes a general photo with the main character when the player make their cards.
  • During development, Naruru was originally supposed to have a Narcissus-like rod as her weapon rather than a mirror.
    • She was originally planned to have a serious mage-like character rather than her current self. [1]