Kanji ラクリア
Romaji Rakuria
Character Info
Species Majin
Gender Female
Color Black
Weapon Fan

Luxuria is a Rival characters in Otocadoll. Her theme coloring is black and she uses a fan to fight.



Luxuria has fair skin and low drooping eyes of red, covering one with a black skull-shaped eye patch. Her platinum hair is long and flowing, with her bangs thick and long enough to reach her shoulders and flare outward. She wears a large black ribbon on top of her head and wears black nail polish, along with earrings.


A sexy, evil being who enjoys getting attention. She depends on it and focuses on bettering or changing herself to suit other people so that they will notice her. She attempts to encourage it at times.

Stage EntranceEdit

Luxuria appears and makes a kissing gesture to release a single rose.



  • Spins around with a dark energy ball in her hand, then shoots it at the target.
  • Mockingly giggles as several flower petals assault the target.


Luxuria spins with her fan as several indigo flower petals appear. She appears to stand on a table and spins again with a foot raised before posing and releasing the petals and freezing the opponent in place.


Significant CoordsEdit



Luxuria comes from the word luxury which means a state of great comfort or elegance. It is also the name of translation of the Latin word of Western Christianity, Luxuria.


  • She considers Rose as her rival.
  • Her name represents the Sin Lust



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